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Every land has its origins, every nation its traditions and every country its excellence.
If some types of meat have become Ambassadors of their land of origin, there will be a reason for this...
The organoleptic and structural characteristics of a given meat can be traced back to the diet and lifestyle of the animals themselves.
To always offer you the best, Bervini chooses the "meat from the world". Directly in the countries of origin, it selects only the best products to guarantee the highest quality.
You can go "around the world" at the table tasting very fine and renowned meats.
Tasty and extraordinarily tender meat from Argentine pampas; genuine meat withhigh nutritional value from Uruguay and refinedflavoured meat from neighbouring Brazil and Paraguay.
And again, Kobe beef, a Japanese delicacy with a sublime marbling.
The bison meat, lean and very low in cholesterol, comes instead from the uncontaminated Canadian prairies; while the famous Ocean Beef, with its unmistakable tenderness, comes from the open-air farms of New Zealand. Finally, Angus meat comes from the USA, Australia and South America, the tenderest meat ever and with a fragrant and decisive taste. All meats that are well received by gastronomic professionals from all over the world. All to try and taste.
Argentina produces some of the best meats in the world for taste and tenderness. The goodness and peculiarities of Argentine meat can be traced back to the completely natural method with which the beef is reared. Left to live in the wild in the endless pampas, the animals feed exclusively on grass. This type of farming favours the production in the animal of substancesthat contribute to making the meat soft, tasty and healthy.
Uruguay produces a meat that, among other countries in South America, is distinguished by quality. The excellence of the product is based on the type of farming. The animals, in fact, live in the open air in total harmony with the environment. The result is a meat with a refined taste, high nutritional value, guarantee of origin and authenticity. Uruguayan meat is rich in Omega 3, Vitamin E (antioxidants) and has low fat levels.
Brazil, the world leading beef exporter, is increasingly highlighted by the quality of its meat. A tender and tasty meat obtained through production systems in temperate, tropical pastures and intensive systems that produce the most distinct quality specifications. The healthy and natural diet of the animals guarantees the authenticity and safety of the meat and the preservation of the environment.
American meat is famous for its high level of marbling, i.e. the uniform spread of fat. This particular characteristic makes the meat soft, juicy and with a strong and tasty taste.
Cattle are reared in a totally natural way and fed on a maize-based vegetarian diet without the use of supplementary hormones, growth promoters or additives.
New Zealand meat is internationally recognized for its high quality, tenderness and delicious taste. The animals grow in an exceptional environment: in the open air, on rich and abundant pastures overlooking the Pacific Ocean and with a mild and constant climate all year round. They are also subject to regular and very strict quality controls. The result is a lean, nutritionally rich and high quality meat.
Australia is known throughout the world to export high quality beef: very aromatic, tasty and with a well-defined fat part. Tender and juicy thanks to the thin fibres and a high level of marbling. The cattle are reared with a production system that is based on natural foods such as grass from pastures. The most prized and renowned Australian meats are Black Angus and the highly prized Wagyu.
Paraguay is one of the world leading beef exporters. The excellence of Paraguayan meat is based on the type of farming. The animals, in fact, live in the open air in total harmony with the environment. The meat is known for its marbled appearance, excellent tenderness and flavour characteristics, unbeatable taste and quality.
Canada, one of the world's leading beef producers, selects the best breeds and raises them in a pristine natural environment to provide the market with healthy, high-quality beef. Canada's cool climate is an optimal habitat for animals. Canadian meat is known for its marbled appearance, excellent tenderness and flavour characteristics, unbeatable taste and quality.
Kobe beef is a Japanese delicacy obtained from wagyu, a black mantle cattle of the Tajima breed.
Kobe meat is tender, very tasty and has an excellent taste. The merit lies in the marbling of the meat, which has a high percentage of fat distributed evenly.
The registered trademark and the strict parameters imposed to define "Kobe's" meat, have made it a precious niche product, renowned, expensive and sought after throughout the world.
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