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Bervini dedicates a line to the prized category of game, the so-called “dark meats”. The meat of deer, wild boar, roe deer and chamois is very valuable and rather rare because of the method of procurement.
Wild game is one of the most protein-rich meats and is low in fat. Compared to white and red meat, it has a hard or elastic consistency and a very intense flavour and aroma.
For these characteristics, it is suitable for long cooking, such as stews and braised meat, after having marinated it for several hours, and finally it is served with many spices to mitigate the strong taste.
The most appreciated mammal meat is the wild boar, with fibrous meat but low in calories, lean and rich in iron. The consumption of deer meat has very ancient origins, especially in the Northern countries. Rich in protein (20%) and low in fat (3%), this is a very tasty meat that lends itself to important courses: meat sauce for seasoning polenta or tagliatelle, stews and braised meats.
The chamois and roe deer meat, on the other hand, are completely different from deer meat and have a more delicate taste and the pleasant wild aroma is much less accentuated. To enhance its taste, the best aromatic herbs are laurel, juniper and thyme.
Lepre s/pelle argentina
Cosce lepre c/o argentina
Lombata lepre c/o argentina
Polpa extra lepre kg 2,5 x 2
Polpa lepre anteriore s/osso argentina kg1
Filetto lepre argentina

Pernici a busto
Fagiano a busto
Petto di fagiano
Germano a busto

Polpa cinghiale scelta da kg5 (2, 5x2)
Polpa extra cinghiale (2, 5x2)
Polpa extra cinghiale kg 1 skin
Polpa extra cinghiale kg 5 (2,5x2)
Polpa cinghiale x ragu kg 1 circa
Cosce cinghiale s/osso
Cosce cinghiale c/osso
Lombata cinghiale s/osso
Filetto cinghiale
Carrè cinghiale
Carnetta di cinghiale
Carrè cinghiale french racks

Polpa capriolo scelta da kg5 (2, 5x2)
Polpa extra capriolo (2, 5x2)
Carrè capriolo (sella)
Cosce capriolo c/osso
Cosce capriolo s/osso
Lombata capriolo s/osso
Polpa extra capriolo kg1 skin
Carnetta di capriolo

Polpa extra camoscio (2,5x2)
Cosce camoscio con osso

Cosce cervo con osso
Cosce cervo s/osso
Cosce cervo s/osso 4 tagli
Spalle cervo s/osso
Polpa scelta cervo kg5 (2, 5x2)
Polpa extra cervo kg 5 (2,5x2)
Polpa extra cervo kg 1 skin
Carnetta cervo
Lombata cervo s/osso
Carrè cervo
Carre cervo french racks
Filetto cervo
Bocconcino cervo
Reale cervo disossato
Ossobuco cervo sottovuoto

Hamburger cinghiale 230 gr.
Hamburger cervo 230 gr.
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