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To overcome the doubt about pork meat, if it is to be considered red or white, let’s say that from a nutritional standpoint, pork is placed among red meat, but there are several healthy and balanced cuts that bring it closer to chicken and turkey. As a matter of fact, pork meat is not always fat, it all depends on the cut. In fact, the pig produces lean and light parts such as the loin, while others are tastier but with a high lipid content.
Pork meat has so many qualities: it is nutritious and rich in proteins of high biological value, it is rich in collagen, vitamins and minerals such as iron, copper, zinc and selenium.
Bervini offers cuts for all tastes and needs to bring tasty dishes to the table.
The bacon is perfect for baking which makes it very soft in the center and crispy outside; the loin is best when glazed with spices and honey, while shoulder and leg should be flavoured with aromas. Slices of coppa can be served with vegetable sauces, while the shin is usually served with risotto for a challenging single course and the tasty ribs are the best for barbecue parties with friends.
Filoni suino Belgio
Filoni suino mignon Belgio
Filoni suino Spagna
Carrè suino c/o taglio Bologna
Coppa suino Belgio
Fesa suino piatta
Stinco suino interfogliato con cotenna
Stinco suino interfogliato senza cotenna
Stinco suino s/v
Filetto suino Belgio
Filetto suiono nazionale
Filetto suino corto
Costine suino Sperips 2x2 s/v
Costine suino Sperips Italia
Guancioli suino

Carrè maialino French Racks
Carrè maialino
Sella maialino S/V
Stinco maialino posteriore
Cosciotto maialino S/V
Maialino intero kg 5/8 - DA LATTE
Maialino intero kg 8/10
Maialino intero kg 10/12
Maialino intero kg 12/15
Maialino intero s/o kg 8/10 - Porchetta
Maialino intero s/o kg 10/15 - Porchetta
Maialino intero s/o kg 15/20 - Porchetta
Spalla maialino c/osso
Spalla maialino senza osso
Coppa maialino
Costine maialino
Pancia maialino senza osso

Pluma iberico
Secreto iberico
Presa iberico
Gallina busto nazionali
Coppa (cabacero) iberico
Abanico iberico
Filoni iberico
Filetto iberico
Carre' Frenched raks iberico
Costine (Spare ribs) iberico
Guanciolo iberico

Braciole suino da kg 5 (160-180-200)
Ossobuchi suino conf. da kg 5
Stinco suino tagliato a metà da 5kg I.Q.F.
Stinco suino tagliato a metà in S/V
Fettine filone suino 70 - 80 -120gr
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