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Grandma’s recipes, the gestures and scents of home cooking. The gastronomic culture is certainly one of the Italian myths.
For this reason Bervini dedicates the line called “Tradizione” to the typical dishes of the past, genuine and prepared just as they used to do in the past.
Tripe, offal obtained from different parts of the stomach of cattle, is the basic ingredient of a typical winter dish of popular Milanese and Lombard cuisine.
It has been consumed since ancient times by the Greeks and Romans.
Although it is very nutritious, it is not a fatty food; in fact, 100 grams of bovine tripe provide only 98 kcal (15% protein and 4% fat).
Of humble peasant origins and pleasant to enjoy in the cold winter evenings, tripe is cooked in different ways in various areas of Italy, but the authentic recipe is one that involves steaming with tomato sauce and white beans of Spain. Another poor food that is very good for tasty recipes is based on bovine sinews, composed of tendons and cartilage from the beef shin.
The easiest and tastiest way to prepare bovine sinews is to add them to a salad enriched with raw onion, beans and parsley.
Trippa bov. Cotta affett. Busta kg1
Trippa bov. Cotta intera kg 10
Trippa bov. Semicotta (in bocce)
Trippa bov semicotta affett. Conf. 5 x 4
Nervetti bovino cotti

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