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The sheep and goat meat is very present in ethnic cuisine, especially in North Africa and the Middle East, while it is little used in our country, except on special occasions.

Sheep meat
Sheep meat is made from domestic sheep, mutton and lamb. From a nutritional viewpoint, it is rich in animal proteins, with a high content of essential amino acids. In addition to lipids (triglycerides, saturated fatty acids, phospholipids and cholesterol) it also contains iron, phosphorus, zinc and vitamins bPP and B12. It is a meat with a strong and aromatic taste, suitable for roasts and stews. Its wild taste - not ’appreciated by everybody - can be reduced by cooking over high heat and eliminating bones and fat.
Considering sheep and goat meat, the most tender and delicate is the one made from milk lamb.

Goat meat
Goat meat is very delicious and is similar in smell and taste to lamb meat.
Lean, rich in iron, zinc and potassium, contains little fat but many proteins of high biological value.
It has a dark colour, a strong and intense flavour reminiscent of game and a rather hard texture. For this reason, it is suitable for slow and low-temperature cooking and for seasoning with strong spices.
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