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This section includes poultry and rabbits. A recent study has established that poultry meat is “a perfect ally for health and physical well-being at all ages”. As a matter of fact, poultry meat contains proteins of high biological value and amino acids. It is rich in vitamins (also of group B) and minerals (including iron). It has a low fat content, mainly represented by polyunsaturated fatty acids and cholesterol.
Chicken is the most widely consumed food in dietary regimes (especially the chest) and is among the few foods defined as hypoallergenic.
The turkey has fairly lean and light meat. The nutritional properties vary greatly depending on the type of cut. The cockerel is a chicken that has not yet exceeded 350 grams in weight. Its meat is still quite lean and has a delicate taste.
Guinea fowl meat is tastier than chicken, while quail is appreciated for its high digestibility.
The duck, reddish and slightly fatter than the chicken, is excellent roasted and combined with fruit. The most prized part is the chest, but also the thighs are very tasty. The pigeon has a very intense taste.
Rabbit is highly digestible, tender and extremely tasty.
Pollo busto
Petto pollo
Petto di pollo mais 180/230 grammi
Cosce di pollo da kg 1 ungheria calibrate 180/220 - 220/260
Cosce pollo quarto posteriore
Cosce pollo oys 180/210
Cosce pollo oys 210/240
Fusi di pollo
Pollo quarto posteriore
Miny taquitos - preparati
Nacho cheese - preparati
Sfilacci di pollo tex mex - preparati
Ali di pollo mediterranee - preparati

Oche busto (3,2 - 3,4 - 3,6 - 3,8 - 4 – 4,2)
Oche busto (3,2 - 3,4 - 3,6 - 3,8 - 4 - 4,2)
Petto d'oca affumicato
Petto d'oca naturale

Galletto v.s. n° 0-1-3-4-5
Galletto (350/400 -- 450/500)
Galletto disossato
Gallina busto nazionali

Guinea fowl
Faraone a busto
Faraone disossate
Petto di faraona (supreme)
Cosce di faraona

Petti di quaglie

Anatra busto (1,9 - 2,4)
Anatra busto (1,9 - 2,4) senza frattaglie
Petto d'anatra maschio
Petto d'anatra femmina
Cosce d'anatra
Anatra carne per ragù


Coniglio disossato
Cosce coniglio
Filetto coniglio
Carrè coniglio

Fesa tacchino maschio
Rotolo fesa tacchino
Rotolo coscia tacchino
Spiedini misti pollo / tacchino gr. 90/100

Poultry and rabbit halal
Pollo busto doux francia
Galline busto doux francia
Ali di pollo tex mex
Cordon blue di tacchino
Chicken nuggets
Bastoncini di pollo (sticks)
Cotoletta petto pollo impanata (steak)

Fettine di fesa tacchino busta kg 1
Fettine petto di pollo da kg 1
Spiedini misti pollo / tacchino
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