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Meat is not just beef, chicken and pork… The most curious and daring palates will be surprised by the exquisite surprises that the world of animals can offer. Thanks to globalization, Bervini brings an exotic touch to your tables. South Africa offers many delicacies: the lean meat of antelope with a strong and wild taste, that of zebra, similar to pork and virtually free of fat and that of ostrich, sweet and with a very low content of fat and cholesterol.
Also from Africa, camel meat is a real delicacy. With little fat and cholesterol, it is very rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B and iron.
From the prairies of Queensland and Northern Territory (Australia), comes the tasty kangaroo meat that has extraordinary properties: very lean, rich in noble proteins and iron.
Reindeer meat comes from the far north and is characterized by its purity and quality thanks to the eating habits of the animals.
Ground snails, an elite food already in Roman times, are very rich in proteins and low in fat. The most famous way to eat them is “à la bourguignonne”.
Finally, frog legs are a further idea for an unusual and delicious second course.
Filetto struzzo (fan fillet)
Filetto Antilope (springbuck)
Filetto di cammello
Lombata di canguro senza osso
Filetto di zebra
Lombata di zebra
Carrè Renna s/osso
Lumache da terra Turchia
Cosce di rane (20-40;40-60;60-80) per kg

Hamburger canguro 230 gr
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