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Bervini selects the best cattle from all over the world ensuring high quality standards, hence the line "The best from the world".
In addition to the prestigious and renowned Angus, Bervini offers delicious meat burgers from the USA, Argentina, Uruguay, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Brazil. The Bervini Beef line is available in eco-friendly and FSC-certified packaging.
Filiera Bervini - which includes the Italiancow, Scottona gourmet and Eurangus lines - is finally a brand that identifies the entire chain of its property.
Bervini goes beyond the reality of cattle; in fact, it also distributes other meats of national, European and international origin.
Meat from poultry, rabbits, horses and pigs. The veal, the bison from Canada, the aromatic sheep and goat meat and the delicious game.
For an exotic touch, zebra, ostrich, antelope and camel from South Africa; kangaroo from Australia, reindeer, ground snails and frog legs.
And finally, to evoke our traditions, the tripe “centopelli” and bovine nerves.
A small but delicious section of Bervini is reserved for the world of fish and vegetables.
Argentina imports sophisticated shrimps and delicate cod fillets, and Namibia imports a soft and tasty hake.Thailand is home to squid renowned for their tenderness, New Zealand to the world's largest variety of mussels and Vietnam to delicate frog legs.
All the genuineness of the fish can be enhanced by a side dish of tasty asparagus rich in vitamins.


Argentina is a land of large herds, famous for its gauchos and the endless plains of the Pampas. Argentine meat is appreciated all over the world for its unmistakable flavour and particular tenderness.

In the vast Canadian prairies stands out the bulk of the famous Bison, the meat of the most prized and sought after in the world forlightness and goodness.
A true refinement for superfine palates.

Famous for its Churrascarie, Brazil has the largest cattle herd on the market.
The quality of the meat is recognized throughout the world.

Argentinean angus is known for its softness and delicacy.
Its marbling, sign of quality, makes the meat the most tender of all.

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Argentina · Brazil · Uruguay · USA · New Zealand · Australia · Ireland · Poland · France · Australia (wagyu beef) · Japan (kobe beef)

Europe · New Zealand


North America


Argentina · Europe · Canada

New Zealand · Europe · Argentina · USA
Deer · Wild boar · Roe deer · Chamois · Hare

New Zealand · Europe

Ostrich · Springbok · Reindeer · Kangaroo · Zebra · Frog legs · Camel

Beef tripe · Bovine centopelli · Bovine ribs · Smoked pork · Smoked cow · Corn cured beef

Lamb · Beef · Pork · Veal · Venison · Boar

Argentine Shrimp · Morocco Octopus · Mussel New Zealand · China and Thailand Clean Squid · Turkey Latterino · Sea Bream Turkey · Turkey Bass · Sepia India · Cod Argentina and Namibia


Looking to the future
Our own aim is to grow and always improve our history, as well as to enlarge the guarantees we gave our customers and consumers till now
The Company BERVINI PRIMO S.r.l. was born in 1950 as a producer of casing and it was familiarly handled by Mr Primo and Mrs Maria Bervini. During the years then, the Company enriches its range of products with raw materials for pharmaceutical industry. In 1965, with the current President Bervini Renzo, a strong will of enlarging its own horizons towards countries rich of raw materials, the Company started to thoroughly study important lands such as Europe, South America, Australia, Canada, United States, Asia etc.
It looked forward to products oriented to enlarge its range. During these years, beef, lamb, pork and poultry were introduced. In 1990, going on with its growth in quality and service offered to its customers, the Company made the further enlargement of products, such as fishes and frozen vegetables from many foreign countries. For the above reasons, the Company can today offer a rich and qualified range of products and an accurate service for catering market and retail, in Italy as well as abroad.
We only offer the best meats from different countries of the world
We are constantly looking forward to solutions that, combined with the long experience, can improve our past to help us guarantee the future always keeping unchanged the principles of quality and product differentiation, which we were always marked by.


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