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Horsemeat is a lean, tender and easily digestible meat. Compared to other red meats, it is poorer in fat but much richer in iron. A food of great nutritional value.

Low fat
The body of the animal itself consists of 69.6% muscle, 10.4% fat and 17.4% bone. Contains low levels of fat and cholesterol (about 20% less). It has a good concentration of essential fatty acids omega 3, very important for the health of the heart.

Lots of iron
Horsemeat is famous for its high iron content (more than twice that of beef) which is present in a more bioavailable form and therefore more readily assimilated by the body.

Proteins, minerals and B vitamins
It ensures a good supply of proteins with a high biological value and a good content of B vitamins. It also has high concentrations of minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus and copper, all combined in particularly bioavailable forms and therefore highly absorbed and used by the body. It is therefore a noble food recommended for everyone, especially sportsmen, growing children, pregnant women and anaemic people.
To keep its properties unaltered, we recommend a short cooking time, preferably rare.
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