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Calves are bovine animals (male or female) under 8 months age and weighing no more than 250 kg.
Veal is pale pink in colour and is very tender. It is often mistakenly considered a white meat but is, actually, a red meat. It is a delicious food, whose peculiarities are: lightness, thinness and digestibility.
Very lean and with a good protein content, veal is less rich in cholesterol than meat from more adult cattle because, given the age of the animal, fats have not yet had time to form. It is also rich in vitamins (B3, B12 and B6) and an excellent source of essential minerals such as zinc. The taste is very delicate: sweeter and softer than the meat of more adult cattle. Because of its qualities and its high digestibility, veal is particularly suitable for children and the elderly.
Because of its characteristics, veal needs to be cooked quickly and over a low heat, to prevent it from drying out too much and becoming stringy.
Being very delicate, it needs a good seasoning. The most famous recipe that makes it decidedly tasty is the ever popular “veal with tuna sauce”.
Filetto bovino 3/4 Lb scordonato
Filetto bovino 4/5 Lb scordonato
Filetto bovino 5+ Lb scordonato
Entrecote bovino
Roast - beef bovino
cuore di scamone di bovino
Sottofesa bovino squadrata
Fesa di bovino senza fascia
Picanha bovino
Cupim bovino
Girello Bovino
Fesone di spalla bovino
Fusello bovino
Copertina di spalla bovino
Noce bovino
Punta petto (brisket) bovino
Pesce bovino
Geretto posteriore bovino
Code bovino
Lingue bovino
Guancioli bovino

Coscia vitello 3 tagli
Fesa di vitello
Sottofesa di vitello
Noce di vitello
Scamone di vitello
Carrè vitello
Filetto vitello intero
Filetto vitello teste
Lombata vitello disossata
Stinco posteriore vitello
Spalla vitello
Reale vitello
Arrotolato spalla vitello
Arrotolato punta vitello
Guanciali vitello
Fegato vitello
Testina di vitello arrotolata
Midollo di vitello
Cervella di vitello

Ossobuchi vitello conf. da kg5
Fettine coscia vitello IQF kg4
Fettina coscia vitellone
Spezzatino vitello
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